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Al-Janabi, Hareth (2017). Family Impact of Meningitis dataset. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Bates, Rachel (2022). Research data supporting the publication "A qualitative investigation of patients’ experiences of atrial fibrillation and perceptions of weight management". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Begum, Ghazala and Otsu, Masahiro and Ahmed, Usman and Ahmed, Zubair and Stevens, Adam and Fulton, Daniel (2018). Transcriptional data from Begum et al. 2018 - NF-Y-dependent regulation of glutamate receptor 4 expression and cell survival in cells of the oligodendrocyte lineage. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Bown, Dominic and Belli, Antonio and Davies, David and Toman, Emma (2019). Research data supporting "Post-traumatic stress disorder and self-reported outcomes after traumatic brain injury in victims of assault". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Brock, Kristian and Homer, Victoria and Soul, Gurjinder and Potter, Claire and Chiuzan, Cody and Lee, Shing (2019). Dose-level toxicity and efficacy outcomes from dose-finding clinical trials in oncology. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Campos-Leon, Karen and Magon, Kamini and Burley, Megan and Parish, Joanna (2023). Research data supporting the thesis "Alterations to Host Lipid Metabolism and the Role of PPARγ Following HPV18 Establishment". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Darkwa, Sharon and De Wildt, Giles and Dalaba, Maxwell and Vidzro, Saviour Edem and Ansah, Evelyn (2022). Research data supporting the publication “I would have to sell things in order to get the money”: A qualitative exploration of willingness to pay for the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine in the Volta region, Ghana". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Edgar, R.G. and Patel, M. and Bayliss, S. and Crossley, D. and Sapey, E. and Turner, A.M. (2017). Treatment of lung disease in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency: a systematic review - Supplementary Material. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Fletcher, Jane (2019). Vitamin D Screening in Crohn's Disease: a current practice survey. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Fountas, Athanasios and Lavrentaki, Aikaterini and Subramanian, Anuradhaa and Toulis, Konstantinos A. and Nirantharakumar, Krishnarajah and Karavitaki, Niki (2018). Data from: Recurrence in silent corticotroph adenomas after primary treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Fulton, Daniel (2015). 3D morphological reconstruction of oligodendrocyte precursor cells. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Gallagher, Meurig Thomas and Neal, Cara Victoria and Arkill, Kenton P and Smith, David John (2017). Model-based image analysis of a tethered Brownian fibre for shear stress sensing. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Gallos, Ioannis (2018). Uterotonic agents for preventing postpartum haemorrhage: a network meta-analysis. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Grant, Melissa and Chapple, Iain (2021). Protein biomarkers for periodontitis. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Hall, James and Jowett, Sue and Zhong, Jian and Mazzeo, Andrea and Thomas, Neil and Bartington, Suzanne (2023). Air Quality Life Assessment Tool. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Jones, Alan M (2021). Data accompanying the paper "A sulfuryl group transfer strategy to selectively prepare sulfated steroids and isotopically labelled derivatives". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Kardeby, Caroline and Evans, Alice and Campos, Joana and Smith, Christopher W. and Slater, Alexandre and Al-Wahaibi, Afraa M. and Martin, Eleyna M. and Severin, Sonia and Brill, Alexander and Pejler, Gunnar and Sun, Yi and Watson, Steve P. (2022). Research data supporting "Heparin and heparin proteoglycan-mimetics activate platelets via PEAR1 and PI3Kbeta". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Lindenmeyer, Antje (2018). Health and wellbeing in the era of superdiversity. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Lindenmeyer, Antje (2018). Meeting the healthcare needs of recently arrived migrants to the UK - the perspectives of primary care providers. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Manaseki-Holland, Semira and Cummins, Carole and Tombo, Lazarus (2022). Research data supporting the publication "Barriers and facilitators for the provision of radiology services in Zimbabwe: a qualitative study based on staff experiences and observations". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Manga Atangana, Bibiane and Lindenmeyer, Antje (2023). Qualitive data for the thesis “Contextualising transforming rehabilitation: supporting short sentenced offenders with complex needs in a time of policy change". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Middleton, Christopher (2018). University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Nestorow, Stephanie (2023). Research data supporting PhD thesis entitled "Exploiting polymer nano-encapsulation technology for the study of insecticide targets". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Pailing, Adam (2018). Dataset to accompany the manuscript: Depressive symptoms, socially anxious symptoms, psychosocial maturity, and risk perception associations with risk-taking behaviour. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Pontefract, Sarah (2018). The impact of computerised physician order entry and clinical decision support on pharmacist-physician communication in the hospital setting: a qualitative study. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Retzer, Ameeta (2023). Evaluation of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) Warm Space Programme – Methods and Tools. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Rink, Marco and Weston, Chris and Horn, Paul (2022). Supporting data for the PhD thesis "Dissecting the role of VAP-1 in innate immune cell responses in the establishment and progression of liver disease". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Stanulovic, Vesna and Cauchy, Pierre and Assi, Salam and Hoogenkamp, Maarten (2017). LMO2 is required for TAL1 DNA binding activity and initiation of definitive haematopoiesis at the haemangioblast stage. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Stephenson, Barnaby and Afford, Simon and Martin, Ashley (2013). Cell Surface Proteomics of Cholangiocarcinoma Cell Line (CC-SW-1). University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Stephenson, Barney and Afford, Simon and Wallace, Lorraine (2019). Perfusate Proteins Detected during Normothermic Machine Perfusion of Discarded Human Livers. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Wain, R A J and Smith, DJ and Whitty, J P M (2017). Time-resolved simulations accentuate shear strain rates in sutured microvascular anastomoses. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Ward, Jon (2023). Research data supporting the thesis "A mixed methods study to evaluate student attitudes towards an innovative, longitudinal clinical communication strand within a new MPharm programme". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Wright, Alexander David (2021). Headwords in A Medicinal Dictonary (1743-45) by Doctor Robert James (1703-1776). University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Zhao, Dadi (2023). Adaptive Wavelet Noise Suppression. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

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