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Bellamy-Carter, Jeddidiah and Sound, Jaspreet and Leney, Aneika (2022). Research data supporting "Probing heavy metal binding to phycobiliproteins". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Calder, E.D.E. and Jupp, Andrew R (2024). Data for Paper: Accessing Five - and Seven-Membered Phosphorus - Based Heterocycles via Cycloaddition Reactions of Azophosphines. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Davies, Paul and Sekar, Prakash and Gupta, Aniket and Male, Louise and English, Laura and Jupp, Andrew (2024). Research data supporting the publication "Regiodivergent Synthesis of 4- and 5-Sulfenyl Oxazoles from Alkynyl Thioethers". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Goldup, Stephen (2024). Research data supporting the publication "A Platform Approach to Cleavable Macrocycles for the Controlled Disassembly of Mechanically Caged Molecules". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Harrison, Roy M. and Hou, Siqi and Xu, Jingsha (2020). Research data supporting ”Source Apportionment of Carbonaceous Aerosols in Beijing with Radiocarbon and Organic Tracers: Insight into the Differences between Urban and Rural Sites”. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Martin, Alexandra L. and Jemmett, Philip N. and Howitt, Thomas and Wood, Mary H. and Burley, Andrew W. and Cox, Liam R. and Dafforn, Timothy R. and Welbourn, Rebecca JL and Campana, Mario and Skoda, Maximilian WA and Thompson, Joseph J. and Hussain, Hadeel and Rawle, Jonathan L. and Carlà, Francesco and Nicklin, Christopher L. and Arnold, Thomas and Horswell, Sarah L. (2023). Research data supporting the publication "Effect of Anionic Lipids on Mammalian Plasma Cell Membrane Properties". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Rist, Paige (2021). Research data supporting the publication "Gold-Catalyzed Intermolecular Alkyne Oxyarylation for C3 Functionalization of Benzothiophenes". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Shi, Zongbo (2019). Fertilization of the Northwest Pacific Ocean by East Asia air pollutants. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Simm, PE and Sekar, P and Davies, PW (2021). Research data supporting the publication "Gold(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of 3‑Sulfenyl Pyrroles and Indoles by a Regioselective Annulation of Alkynyl Thioethers". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Sound, Jaspreet and Peters, Anna and Bellamy-Carter, Jeddidiah and Rad-Menendez, Cecilia and MacKechnie, Karen and Green, David and Leney, Aneika (2021). Rapid cyanobacteria species identification with high sensitivity using native mass spectrometry. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

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