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Almarshed, Abdullah and Hart, Abarasi and Leeke, Gary and Greaves, Malcolm and Wood, Joseph (2015). Effectiveness of Different Transition Metal Dispersed Catalysts for In-Situ Heavy Oil Upgrading. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Almarshed, Abdullah and Hart, Abarasi and Leeke, Gary and Greaves, Malcolm and Wood, Joseph (2015). Optimization of Heavy Oil Upgrading using Dispersed Nanoparticulate Iron Oxide as a Catalyst. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Azpiri Solares, Rebeca and Soares dos Santos, Douglas and Ingram, Andrew and Wood, Joseph (2019). Modelling and Parameter Estimation of Breakthrough Curves for Amine-modified Activated Carbons under Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture Conditions. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Basu, Sarbani and Chaplin, William J. (2017). Asteroseismic Data Analysis: Foundations and Techniques. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Benedicto Orenes, Daniel (2017). Endoscopic imaging of quantum gases through a fiber bundle. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Berry, FJ and de Laune, Ben and Greaves, Colin and Hah, Hien-Yoong and Johnson, C and Johnson, J and Kamali, S and Marco, J and Thomas, MF and Whitaker, Mariana (2018). Magnetic interactions in Fe1-xMxSb2O4, M = Mg, Co, deduced from Mössbauer spectroscopy. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Britton, Melanie and Bray, Joshua and Davenport, Alison and Ryder, Karl (2016). MRI of Cu Corrosion. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Britton, Melanie and Sumerton, Emily and Bakalis, Serafim and Le Duff, Cecile and Hollamby, Martin (2018). NMR/SAXS study of SDS/DDAO dish liquid. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Brown, A and Hart, A and Coker, S and Lloyd, JR and Wood, Joseph (2016). Upgrading of heavy oil by dispersed biogenic magnetite catalysts. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Caldwell, Simon J. and Al-Duri, Bushra and Sun, Nannan and Sun, Cheng-gong and Snape, Colin E. and Li, Kaixi and Wood, Joseph (2015). Carbon dioxide separation from nitrogen/hydrogen mixtures over activated carbon beads: adsorption isotherms and breakthrough studies. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Claridge, Ela and Allen, Piers and Calcagni, Antonio (2018). Macular pigment maps and groups. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Cook, Angus and Davenport, Alison (2017). Effect of Nitrate and Sulphate on Atmospheric Corrosion of 304L and 316L Stainless Steels - Research Data. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Culver, R and Lampis, A and Megyeri, B and Pahwa, K and Mudarikwa, L and Holynski, M and Courteille, P and Goldwin, J (2016). Collective strong coupling of cold potassium atoms in a ring cavity. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Cumby, James and de Laune, Ben and Greaves, Colin (2015). Supplementary data for The Structures and Magnetic Properties of FexCo1 xSb2O4 and MnxCo1 xSb2O4, 0 ≤ x ≤ 1. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Daniel, Liam and Phippen, Dominic and Hoare, Edward and Stroescu, Ana and Cherniakov, Mikhail and Gardner, Peter and Gashinova, Marina (2019). Dataset of radar and optical imagery of road actors. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Davis, Jack B. A. and Horswell, Sarah L. and Johnston, Roy L. (2013). Global Optimization of 8–10 Atom Palladium–Iridium Nanoalloys at the DFT Level. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Dirar, Samir (2019). Research data supporting "Deep embedment strengthening of full-scale shear-deficient reinforced concrete beams". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

de Laune, Ben and Berry, Frank and Marco, Jose and Horswell, Sarah and Greaves, Colin (2016). The Structure, Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of FePbBiO4. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

de Laune, Ben and Rees, Greg and Marco, Jose and Hah, Hien-Yoong and Johnson, Charles and Johnson, Jacqueline and Berry, Frank and Hanna, John and Greaves, Colin (2017). Topotactic fluorine insertion into the channels of FeSb2O4-related materials. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Embrey, Christopher and Hordell, Joshua and Petrov, Plamen and Boyer, Vincent (2016). Bichromatic homodyne detection of broadband quadrature squeezing. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Englefield, Paul and Beale, Russell (2019). Investing in findability: observations and strategies. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Fredriksson, Hans Olle Viktor (2015). Distributing abstract machines - Online Appendix. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Gallagher, Meurig Thomas and Neal, Cara Victoria and Arkill, Kenton P and Smith, David John (2017). Model-based image analysis of a tethered Brownian fibre for shear stress sensing. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Gkantou, Michaela and Kokosis, Georgios and Theofanous, Marios and Dirar, Samir (2018). Research data supporting "Plastic design of stainless steel continuous beams". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Greaves, Colin (2018). Research data supporting the publication "Magnetic ordering of the cryogenic magnetic cooling mineral gaudefroyite". University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Greaves, Colin (2017). Synthesis and magnetic characterisation of Fe1-xMgxSb2O4 (x = 0.25, 0.50, 0.75) and their oxygen-excess derivatives, Fe1-xMgxSb2O4+y. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Greaves, Colin (2016). Synthetic analogues of Fe(II)-Fe(III) minerals containing a pentagonal ‘Cairo’ magnetic lattice. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Greaves, Colin and de Laune, Ben and Rees, Greg and Whitaker, Mariana and Hah, Hien-Yoong and Johnson, Charles and Johnson, Jacqueline and Brown, Dennis and Tucker, Matthew and Hansen, Thomas and Berry, Frank and Hanna, John (2016). Oxygen insertion reactions within the 1-D channels of phases related to FeSb2O4. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Hale, Steven (2019). Kepler "Catbasket" Data Exchange Facility. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Hale, Steven J. (2017). BiSON - Atmospheric extinction coefficients in the Ic band - 1984 to 2016. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Hale, Steven J. (2015). BiSON - all sites - 1995 to 2014 - performance check. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Hall-Mcnair, Atticus and Gallagher, Meurig and Smith, David (2019). EIEIO datasets. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Hart, Abarasi and Lewis, Charlotte and White, Thomas and Greaves, Malcolm and Wood, Joseph (2015). Effect of cyclohexane as hydrogen-donor in ultradispersed catalytic upgrading of heavy oil. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Hart, Abarasi and Wood, Joseph (2018). In Situ Catalytic Upgrading of Heavy Crude with CAPRI: Influence of Hydrogen on Catalyst Pore Plugging and Deactivation due to Coke. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Hart, Abarasi and Wood, Joseph and Greaves, Malcolm (2017). In situ catalytic upgrading of heavy oil using a pelletized Ni-Mo/Al2O3 catalyst in the THAI process. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Holloway, CR and Dyson, RJ and Smith, DJ (2014). Linear Taylor-Couette stability of a transversely isotropic fluid. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Hriljac, Joseph and Chen, Tzu-Yu (2016). A Potential Wasteform for Cs Immobilisation: Synthesis, Structure Determination and Aqueous Durability of Cs2TiNb6O18. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Ishimoto, K and Gadelha, H and Gaffney, E and Smith, D and Kirkman-Brown, J (2017). Coarse-graining the fluid flow around a human sperm / supporting data. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Jarvis, Abbey and Berry, Frank J and Slater, Peter R and Marco, Jose F (2019). Introduction of sulfate to stabilize the n = 3 Ruddlesden-Popper system Sr4Fe3O10-δ, as a potential SOFC cathode. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Jarvis, Abbey and Slater, Peter (2017). Investigation into the Effect of Sulfate and Borate Incorporation on the Structure and Properties of SrFeO3-delta. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Jarvis, Abbey and Slater, Peter R. (2017). Investigation into the Effect of Sulfate and Borate Incorporation on the Structure and Properties of SrFeO3-δ. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Joshua, Hordell and Daniel, Benedicto-Orenes and Anna, Kowalczyk and Giovanni, Barontini and Plamen, Petrov and Vincent, Boyer (2017). Research data supporting "Transport of spatial quantum correlations through an optical waveguide". University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Kerr, Ryan and Thomson, William and Smith, David (2018). Mathematical modelling of the vitamin C clock reaction. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Lampis, A and Culver, R and Megyeri, B and Goldwin, J (2016). Coherent control of group index and magneto-optical anisotropy in a multilevel atomic vapor. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Leach, Joanne M (2018). Birmingham's services evidence map dataset. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Leach, Joanne M and Lee, Susan E and Boyko, Christopher T and Coulton, Claire J and Cooper, Rachel and Smith, Nicholas and Joffe, Hélène and Büchs, Milena and Hale, James D and Sadler, Jonathan P and Braithwaite, Peter A and Blunden, Luke S and De Laurentiis, Valeria and Hunt, Dexter VL and Bahaj, AbuBakr S and Barnes, Katie and Bouch, Christopher J and Bourikas, Lonidas and Cavada, Marianna and Chilvers, Andrew and Clune, Stephen J and Collins, Brian and Cosgrave, Ellie and Dunn, Nick and Falkingham, Jane and James, Patrick and Kwami, Corina and Locret-Collet, Martin and Medda, Francesca and Ortegon, Adriana and Pollastri, Serena and Popan, Cosmin and Psarikidou, Katerina and Tyler, Nick and Urry, John and Wu, Yue and Zeeb, Victoria and Rogers, Chris DF (2017). Dataset of the livability performance of the City of Birmingham, UK, as measured by its citizen wellbeing, resource security, resource efficiency and carbon emissions. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Leeke, Gary and Lu, Tiejun (2015). Reduction of aerobic and lactic acid bacteria in dairy desludge using an integrated compressed CO\(_2\) and ultrasonic process. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Lien, Yu-Hung and Barontini, Giovanni and Scheucher, Michael and Mergenthaler, Matthias and Goldwin, Jonathan and Hinds, Edward A. (2016). Uncovering Coherence Effects in an Overdamped Quantum System. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Lighter, Daniel and Hughes, James and Styles, Iain and Filer, Andrew and Dehghani, Hamid (2017). Multispectral diffuse optical tomography of healthy human finger joints. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Lu, Wenqi and Styles, iain (2017). L1 -norm Based Nonlinear Reconstruction Improves Quantitative Accuracy of Spectral Diffuse Optical Tomography. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Meyer, Nadine and Proud, Harry (2015). Jones-Roberts solitons: rarefaction pulses. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Meyer, Nadine and Proud, Harry and Perea-Ortiz, Marisa and O'Neale, Charlotte and Baumert, Mathis and Holynski, M and Kronjaeger, Jochen and Barontini, Giovanni and Bongs, Kai (2017). Observation of two-dimensional localised Jones-Roberts solitons in Bose Einstein condensates. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Neely, Robert K (2018). DNA barcodes for rapid, whole genome, single-molecule analyses. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Ngamkhanong, Chayut (2017). Fatigue Assessment Method for prestressed concrete sleeper. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Oliveux, Geraldine and Dandy, Luke and Leeke, Gary (2015). Degradation of a model epoxy resin by solvolysis routes. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Omajali, Jacob B. and Mikheenko, Iryna P. and Merroun, Mohamed L. and Wood, Joseph and Macaskie, Lynne E. (2015). Characterization of intracellular palladium nanoparticles synthesized by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans and Bacillus benzeovorans. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Ooi, Ean Hin and Smith, David J and Gadelha, Hermes and Gaffney, Eamonn A and Kirkman-Brown, Jackson C (2014). The mechanics of hyperactivation in adhered human sperm. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Phippen, Dominic and Daniel, Liam and Gashinova, Marina (2019). MISL Measurement Campaign at Alvie & Dalraddy Estates and University of Birmingham. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Qapo, Michael and Dirar, Samir and Jemaa, Yaser (2016). Finite element parametric study of reinforced concrete beams shear-strengthened with embedded FRP bars (dataset). University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Roman-Ramirez, Luis and McKeown, Paul and Jones, Matthew and Wood, Joseph (2019). Poly(lactic acid) Degradation into Methyl Lactate Catalyzed by a Well-Defined Zn(II) Complex. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Smith, A.D and James, M.J and Hancock, C.A and Slater, P.R (2019). Effect of Si-doping on the structure and conductivity of Sr2-xCaxMnFeO6-δ systems. University of Birmingham. DataSet.

Smith, David and Montenegro-Johnson, T. D. and Gadelha, Hermes (2014). Spermatozoa scattering by a microchannel feature: an elastohydrodynamic model. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Styles, Iain (2016). SpectralAnalysis: software for the masses. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Styles, Iain (2016). Testing for Multivariate Normality in Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data: A Robust Statistical Approach for Clustering Evaluation and the Generation of Synthetic Mass Spectrometry Imaging Data Sets. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Styles, Iain and Lu, Wenqi and Orive-Miguel, David (2018). Graph- and finite element-based total variation models for the inverse problem in diffuse optical tomography. University of Birmingham. DataSet.


Tsyplyatyev, O. and Schofield, A.J. and Jin, Y. and Moreno, M. and Tan, W.K. and Ford, C.J.B. and Griffiths, J.P. and Farrer, I. and Jones, G.A.C. and Ritchie, D.A. (2015). Hierarchy of modes in an interacting one-dimensional system. University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Wain, R A J and Smith, DJ and Whitty, J P M (2017). Time-resolved simulations accentuate shear strain rates in sutured microvascular anastomoses. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

Wood, Joseph (2016). Comparison of the Effects of Dispersed Noble Metal (Pd) Biomass Supported Catalysts with Typical Hydrogenation (Pd/C, Pd/Al2O3) and Hydrotreatment Catalysts (CoMo/Al2O3) for In-Situ Heavy Oil Upgrading with Toe-to-Heel Air Injection (THAI). University of Birmingham. Dataset.


Zhang, Yue and Addison, Owen and Flaviu Gostin, Petre and Morrell, Alexander and Cook, Angus and Liens, Alethea and Wu, Jing and Ignatyev, Konstantin and Stoica, Mihai and Davenport, Alison (2017). In-situ Synchrotron X‑ray Characterisation of Corrosion Products in Zr Artificial Pits in Simulated Physiological Solutions. University of Birmingham. Dataset.

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